Testimonial from Fire + Ice Restaurant


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The feedback we receive is both immediate and invaluable - it will help us fine tune the packages we send out in the future, increasing the response rate to them. And the response rate to this effort has been impressive - during the first two weeks of implementation, we received 97 responses, far more than we had ever received in the past. We will soon implement a StudentsFirstT application on our web site, www.CambridgeCollege.edu, that will provide us with additional feedback from students using CustomersFirst' technology. We anticipate that this information will help to further refine our recruitment efforts while significantly increasing our retention rates. In addition, the support we receive from CustomersFirst personnel combined with the ability to custom design our feedback forms have made this program easy to implement and operate - I would recommend it to any institution seeking to improve its channels of communication with both its current and prospective students.

-Josie Duran, Executive Assistant to EVP
Cambrige College


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