Testimonial from Fire + Ice Restaurant


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Even when people have had less than stellar experiences, the fact that we get back to them so fast turns out to be more important than what we do to rectify the problem. Our quick response is a very powerful tool in building customer relationships, and they usually decide to give the restaurant another chance. CustomersFirst is a very efficient way to let customers know we are really listening.

Example: A woman came into the store and asked for a Fire + Ice hat for her daughter's birthday. One of the servers thought it was against policy to give them away, so turned her down. But then I got an email through the CustomersFirst application from the woman, saying they had a great time, her daughter loves the restaurant, they understood they couldn't have a hat but it would have been a perfect birthday present. I got back to the mother, and sent her the hat. We got pictures back from the girl with the hat and a nice thank you note. She was thrilled. It was an easy way to make them happy and gain a loyal customer. That never would have happened without CustomersFirst.

The CustomersFirst application also gives us the ability to access and slice the data daily to track performance at a local level. We can address organizational and operational issues in different geographies that otherwise we might not have been able to track and quantify. And, CustomersFirst does all the work. I don't have to do anything. It's very easy to open up the survey and see the nature of the response and address it. It doesn't require a lot of time or effort. The service is also helping us build our data base.

The CustomersFirst team is highly responsive, and actually takes the lead in suggesting new ideas and ways to use the application. They help us not only maintain a database of customer responses, but also build overall customer service into our operational plan. Whether it's contests, questions, or other ideas, CustomersFirst is terrific in making suggestions-and they don't charge anything additional for this service. They truly want to help us succeed.

The CustomersFirst team has also visited our locations to give training on how to promote the tool. They're good with the staff, and good at making them understand why and how they can play a role in gaining customer feedback.

We have a large and loyal customer base that is our lifeblood. It's critical that we maintain strong relationships with existing customers. CustomersFirst definitely helps us in that regard. I'd recommend the service to any business that relies on strong customer relationships to succeed. "

-David Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer
Fire + Ice Restaurant


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