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In addition to making our customers happy, what they think of us after the service call is just as important to us as what they think during the service call. CustomersFirst has helped us identify where our strengths and weaknesses are in delivering our services-we've discovered our perception doesn't always match up with the customer's. It's essential that we bridge that gap to continue to do well. In the six months we've been members, CustomersFirst has been an invaluable tool for me to find out about any misunderstandings that we can correct, along with rewarding employees who are doing well.

I refer to the tool on a daily basis-it's very easy to use. It's easy for the customers to use as well. We're very pleased with our response rate, which is in the 20% range. It's quite easy for them to click on the link and give us their valuable feedback. We've found that the CustomersFirst tool provides a vehicle for the customer to be more candid than they would be otherwise.

The CustomersFirst team is very responsive. They always find time to address any questions or concerns I may have. Our membership fee is definitely money well spent."

-John Morrison, Customer Service Manager
Geek Housecalls


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